The Saturday Pic

Today’s pic’ is about what we have lost to remind us that we must preserve the tattered remnants of our once magnificent forests that survive, I assess about 4.8% of original south west Western  Australian forest cover remains. I have chosen a picture of diversity rather than a more obvious big trees pic’. Shown in this image are examples of most of the higher slope karri belt forest trees, including a banksia in the foreground. Lower down a slope there would be delights like bullitch and river banksia. Although the trees are fairly small they are diverse, without the monotony of “regenerated” forest, which has the visual excitement of Regency wallpaper

Now get ye to the Alexander Library at 3.00pm this afternoon

Made with Linhof STv, Voigtlander Apo-Lanthar lens and Kodak EPN. Image post scan processed in GIMP