I live off my silver gelatine print sales, my pensions and my mind, all hopelessly inadequate


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  1. Hello John
    I am contacting you from the V&A and would like to discuss our using a couple of your photographs in our upcoming exhibition “Disobedient Objects”.
    Would you please be able to contact me by email as soon as you can so I can give you full details?
    Very many thanks
    PS I tried contacting you via your print sales website but the email contact function wasn’t working for me.

    • Hello Liz, I have sent you an email as requested

      Also, and hoping to no offend, I have asked the V&A contact form if you exist. I apologise for this, but I have had a few very strange requests recently and yours seems so correct and plausible I was a bit worried

      The last time I totally ignored a request and repeatedly deleted it I ended up with a phone call from the design company who is now my Singapore based Asian agent. The internet is a strange and intrusting place


  2. Hi, I am not sure if your photographs are for sale? I am interested in the goblin swamp photos. If so, how much does a print cost please?

    • Yes, my work is for sale in the form or silver gelatine prints from the original negatives

      I will send you a message later this evening or in the morning

  3. Hi John’ I also have Repro Claron 420mm, G-Claron 210mm, G-Claron 150mm and many fujinon EP enlarger lens which I attach via bellows to a Sony mirrorless camera. Had great success with a variety of old 35mm bellows and a huge variety of chinese lens adapters, I mostly concentrate on lanscape and nature with plenty of Macro. All is fine until I try to work with the 420mm Repro Claron, it’s in superb condition but whilst 75mm – 220mm lenses are easy to achieve close up or infinity the 420mm seems to be difficult. Am I just overstretching what’s possible, I really love my Clarons and they all serve me well, it’s only the 420mm that confuses me. I would truely appreciate your comments & suggestions, best regards from Randell Casey, I live in Geelong suburb of Herne Hill., best regards & many thanks from Randell

    • It could be as simple as lack of sufficient bellows ext’n to bring the 420mm into focus at infinity. I have never tried it on anything smaller than 10×8″ film

  4. Hi’ many thanks for reply’ today I attached the 420mm to a set of Canon FD Bellows and as I added tubes before I could focus on an item 8 meters away I had extended lens at least 450mm, then to make things more manageable I attached a 55mm Hoya +4 macro filter to lens thread, To my amazement it became a powerful macro lens with great working distance, as already mentioned I have the repro 420mm attached via bellows to a Sony a3000 mirrorless digital camera. I have a project coming up soon whereby I will be taking images of tree barks and I will do my best to perform more tests with this lens.. Today I was shooting on a tripod at f64 and was very impressed by results. Looking forward to your comments, best regards from Randell.

  5. Many thanks for posting my comments recently, after a bout of illness I spent days checking out my lens collection in the hope of reducing the number of heavy lenses, it was a hard decision but I just have to reduce the load, I now have decided to dispose of some lenses and just retain my set of G-Clarons and my FD Canon lenses, they have all served me so well. for so many years. I have listed my Repro-Claron 420mm on Gumtree for $85 which I consider to be a very fair price for someone, so if you hear of anyone requiring such a lens, ask them to send an email: hwc1950@gmail.com
    Best regards from Randell

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