I am rereading Lawrence Durell’s Justine. On page 36 is the cogent phrase “We are the children of our landscape” in a section where Durell is rolling the tongue of his mind around thoughts on Gnosticism. The cogency for me is because I am currently preparing for a 24 year survey exhibition, a kind of swan song exhibition

Part of this show is to be a series of images from the Australian Littoral Portfolio. I have always had difficulty with the Australian landscape and I have yet to see anyone have success within this genre. In the mid 1970s I was working on a body of English littoral landscapes, lonely, cold, uninviting beaches that deeply resonated with my personal feelings at the time

Some of my genes had spent a minimum of 1300 years in Somerset, some of them millennia, so I felt part of that landscape. In Australia working is still like walking in a strange land. Following my Australian forest landscape work, made in concert with my Forest Protest images, I tried a return to the littoral as a possible path into the Australian landscape. I feel I have had more success here than in the forest images.


Broke Inlet, Australia, 2008

Broke Inlet, Australia, 2008



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