Eclection, formerly the Leicasnaps, because:

AGWA armpits artichokes artists banksia beans bird-nets bricks Brisbane BAG-GOMA BRAG Bunbury bush bushiness cafes coasts clearfell contrasts daughters dead-things Dog-Grub Dog-Ruby Dog-Zeke Elowyn finds flags flair flare forest friends garden granddaughter ideas journeys light Linhof-STv Manjimup moon-light naked-portrait-documentation nakedness notes notions onion-flowers obstructions openings pathways photographers photographers-photographing precursors process portraits Quinninup Rae rock sea Sinar-Norma Scarlettisms signs situations snecks tangents tests trees travel travail water weeds women work Wynnum-cafe xanthorrhoea zamia . . .

But not urban street photography, I do not steal images from the unsuspecting

(Note = I intend that this list will grow until November 2017, and then onward, perhaps)

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