Eclection, formerly the Leicasnaps, because:

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But not urban street photography, I do not steal images from the unsuspecting

(Note = I intend that this list will grow until November 2017, and then onward, perhaps)


Blog about to change emphasis again. This time from Eclection, formerly Leicasnaps, to BRAG Survey Show 2017. This blog will record, as much for me as anyone else, the process of selecting, planning, printing, fund raising, framing and hanging the show

Watch this space . . .

Next Exhibition

Had a meeting this morning regarding a second 21 year survey show, this time 1996 – 2017 at The Bunbury Regional Art Gallery

As it is a survey show, some, actually a lot, of the printing is done, it needs to be as we only have a 24 month lead time. Also a lot of new work to be done in two of the portfolios, make that three, actually four

A great meeting with the gallery director and the exhibitions manager, very respectful and I felt quite honoured

Then into the gallery room I will be using where the staff were uninstalling an exhibition. “Wow, John, you made it on time, aren’t you driving one of your Volvos today” No respect at all, for me or my beloved Volvo 240 series. I now wish I had the wreckage of all four of these beautiful cars as sculpture in our garden

Main thing is I now have a timeline and deadlines for fund raising, printing, catalogue work, DVD preparation, catalogue essay writing, framing, and fund raising. And a new website. And colaboratices for the 10×8″ portrait series

For the feeling I want
“At the still point, there the dance is.”
T. S. Eliot, “Four Quartets”