Elmar Surprise

I have just received my Leica IIIf back from servicing, a few days short of one year since it was sent for a rangefinder clean. It all seems to work now, apart from no flash contact, but to expect a camera to work perfectly after only a year on a repair bench is too much to ask

What does work with amazing quality is the ancient 5cm f3.5 (red scale) Elmar that came back with the body. A tiny and light weight lens that is so staggeringly good it is as good as the 50mm f3.5 Color Skopar on my now sold Vitessa from Voigtlander Braunschweig. The Voigtlander objective is perhaps one of the unsung glories of optical design. The Vitessa was sold as I never really got used to the coffee plunger film winding system. The barn door and bellows opening were a dream, as was the parallax corrected range viewfinder IMG_3724 jbaphoto140927d3516 jbaphoto140927d3515


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