Rebuilding, a lot more than the darkroom

The darkroom rebuilding has more elements to it than just physical. The physical aspect is enough, with lots of reconstruction problems to sort out, like replacing termite eaten support sills without the almost supported wall falling on those underneath, Graham, Glen and myself about ten days ago. Sorted that one with sliding chocks, a totally new timber restoration solution that came to me at four in the morning

The other rebuilding is my visual mind, how to use my work to reflect the state of the world as it is. The world disasters that we are being covered by, layer upon layer. Global warming, the Pacific Gyre, deforestation, Tony Abbott, everything. I am not sure that black and white photography is the right medium, but I am not abandoning it yet, just considering its place in the work

I almost sold the 10×8″ Sinar Norma kit about a week ago, but the buyer only wanted the body, not the lenses and the stuff, lots of stuff that with the 5×4″ Norma kit make the Normas a complete studio centre. So the 10×8″ Norma body sale did not go through. However, in the meantime I am working with just the little Leicas, making notes and sketches in the garden book and writing ideas in the photography note books

Physically the rebuilding goes sideways as well. The plans for the garden are being reworked, including the size of the karesansui, with a brick path between the darkroom and the planned karesansui. This will give easy visual and physical access to the darkroom/shed supports so any further damage or movement can be seen and Gina’s offspring defeated. (Gina because a termite queen is a fat white almost unmoving object of revulsion, like a mining heiress)

The new work to come through and from the new darkroom is a much bigger challenge. Fifteen years on  I don’t feel the approach taken in Forest Threnody is right. Perhaps I need to travel, this appeals to me, and the Leicas are just right for this . . . to be continued

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One thought on “Rebuilding, a lot more than the darkroom

  1. Rebuilding the darkroom is a real struggle….. I’ve just done it myself..
    A five months long “war”! It’s just finished, and I have to clean everything and move all the stuff back into the “new and double sized” darkroom. I have looked forward so much to this, but right now I feel almost exhausted….
    It will be so good, finally! 😊
    Glad to find you here! Take care!

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