Darkroom Mark II, and on to Mk III

BUILDER, a very talkative builder, has just left and he is going to do the deed, SOON

So, and useable by friends who are willing to travel this far for a few days, the Darkroom Mark II will be working in about ten days. Even smarter than it was twenty years ago, and more logical

Darkroom Mk III will occur in the Spring, be extended deeper into the shed and have an island wet bench so that big prints can be handled by two people from both sides . Also, if the extension is taken forty inches further, a narrow dry bench for the 120 and 35mm enlargers can go in on the other side of the wet bench leaving heaps of space for big sheets of paper and stuff either side of the 10×8″ and 5×4″ enlargers

This set-up would also make the place perfect for group tuition, but I don’t think my patience is up to that any more, as some of you might have noted

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