Peace, Calm and Equanimity

There are few things that cause me annoyance. One of them is people wanting me to engage in idle banter when I am working, especially with large format

Working in the recent fire ground with a Linhof, rapidly changing light and the difficulties of working with LF in a disastrously dusty and windy environment a Grey Nomad caravan stopped near the ute. People got out, one brought out a DSLR and started wandering towards me in MY landscape. Rae tried to head her off and told her the light was changing rapidly, I was busy and that the fire ground was dangerous, especially to anyone wearing thongs/flip-flops on their feet. This one was not going to be put off and she waddled on “What camera is that?” I waived her away, at which point she stole a snap of me and the Linhof. Driven away without politeness

Another time a caravan stopped when I was digging in the garden and a Grey Nomad jumped out, strode through my garden and started to photograph the house and the outside of my darkroom. When I challenged her she said she was “A fine art photographer who liked to photograph derelict buildings in the country”. Also riven away without politeness, but after a few moments her husband started to get out of the car, amazing how a long handled garden fork can make a Grey Nomad retreat

Usually these days Rae heads such people off when I am working, gives them a card and warmly suggests that if they are interested I will be finished in a very few minutes and would be glad to talk about what I am doing and show them the image in the back of the camera. Sales have come from these encounters, so I am generally welcoming. Once the dark slide is in the cool box and the exposure logged I become my normal calm and engaging self, all gentleness and light, peacefulness, warmth and engagement

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