Biggly printing, working through four portfolios of negs and spending days in the darkroom. Pure joy, except for the emails to Chris at BN Supplies to order more paper, which is not cheap

A big show of new work and sales from existing portfolios planned, but more on that later. Rae is taking over managing and curating the next show, which means I have more brain space to produce the work

What I have realized is that if I sell all my cameras, lenses, lighting systems, tripods, background support systems, exposure meters and stuff, there is always stuff, I now have enough images to keep me printing for the rest of my life, that and gardening

On the subject of gardening, the print washing water, after the first siphon load, goes into a new holding tank between the darkroom and the vegetable garden. When the new silver reclamation unit and iron wool water scouring system is installed even the first water will go to the vegetables. I am trying to deny that I prefer growing vegetables to photography these days. This is troubling, or not . . .

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