BIG Relief Time

BIG relief time

I have been working on a series of 5×4″ Littoral images since 2004, and made the penultimate negs during the equinox a few days ago. Reviewing the whole body of work since then I considered what sizes to make the prints

Ended up at 16 x 20 inches and 32 x 40 inches, twice the size, with a few at 24 x 32″ for some sales

This morning I went into the darkroom and wound the 10×8″ DeVere 5108E up into the roof turret and the baseboard down a couple of notches and made test prints for the large size. Only little 10×8″ sheets of Foma from bits of the image to make sure the prints will work. This is frustrating me as I want the big ones now. The 42″ wide Roll of Foma is here, but not as well packed as the 42″ wide roll of Agfa MCC that nearly flew out of the back of a friend’s car a few years ago

Only wait now is for a couple of days re-plumbing the print washing tank and some work on the darkroom itself first, but the pool noodles are ready


The negs for this portfolio were all made with Linhof STv and ancient Schneider lenses, hence some of my relief


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