Little Big

I had one of those 3.00am mind sessions a few days ago, the sort that remind me of F Scott Fitzgerald’s “In the midnight of the soul it is always three am”. (I wish I could remember where it sits)

Sort of about that stuff, or not

Anyway, listening to nothing, we were too far from the ocean and it was a very quiet night it re-occurred to me that all the stuff about large format being for meditation is crap. 10×8 and 5×4″ are not really meditative media as there is too much going on, to much mental and physical “stuff” to work with and consider. There is, or can be, a meditative space when looking for the angle and view, and once the camera is set up there is the quiet time until the moment of exposure. Even then there is the constant scanning of the subject area for the moment of light and un-noticed stuff that may need to be considered. Once the exposures are made there is the packing away and getting the thing back on my back, or the trolley if I am lucky with the location

LEICA screw, the old funky ones, are much more about presence and immediacy to an almost meditative level. With 35mm no one, least of all me, gives a shit about level horizons, depth of fjord, subject or camera movement and even plane of focus. The bright line viewfinders I use are immediate and present and I feel part of what is happening. Added benefits are the hundreds of feet of free film I have been given and the very cheap Hawkeye I have bought five cans of

It should be noted that M series Leicas and Nikon F/F2 don’t have this presence as they are too big and cumbersome. However, Rolleis have it, but they are different again

I have two few rolls of Leica snaps from the September 2014 equinox journey sitting on the V700, and the test sheets of 5×4″ are in the darkroom, but I am loathe to turn the scanner on in case I turn on the scanner. It is not really mine


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