About about equinoxes and solstices. Our culture goes on about the solstice festivals of mid summer and mid winter, but to me the equinoxes have far more energy. Solstices are about staying home, summer because we call it Christmas and there are too many idiots on the road and in any case the light is rotten. Winter solstice there is a fire, beer and bugger all light. Equinox light is fast changing, almost by the day as the sun it at the steepest bit of the sine curve. Also, in southern Australian latitudes the sun is at a fairly easy angle to work with, not in the overhead hammer light of summer position that drives me to drink

Equinoxes are for traveling, I have always traveled on an equinox apart from the last couple of years and always come back with “gift” images, images so special I don’t feel like I own them, but that I am shown them, give thanks and record them. Which reminds me of another quote, this by Minor White from Octave of Prayer “Spirit stands still long enough for the photographer she has chosen” all a bit old hippy, but equinoxes do that

No scans as the V700 will not make a 35mm scan wider than 21mm from the 24mm side of 35mm, so the scanner is now disconnected and waiting its fate


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