A Mistake

Last Thursday’s (25th Sept 2014) mistake, well, one of them. While working last Wednesday I asked Rae to make photographs of me looking like a LF hero, like Nikki does for Clyde Butcher. Rae’s second word was “off”

On Thursday, Rae relented and after the first pic said the battery in her digicam was flat, so I said she could use her Contaflex, no Contaflex on this trip, so I said there was a screw Leica sitting next to the camera trolly. A few shouted instructions later I heard soft Leica sounds and then her voice gently saying “This is really nice, how many do you have? I was concentrating on not falling off a rock so was honest. “Oh good, I will sell the Contaflex and appropriate one of your Leicas”. Ah well . . .

For sale, Contaflex Super, plus 35 and 85mm Pro Tessars, close up lens set, and a few colour filters and fruit


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