Snapshots end


Since getting the first of my new screw Leicas I have been making lots of snaps of Rae. This has ended as I am now able to use these cameras by feel. This is important for any camera. Early Leicas are the easiest to focus by touch alone, ‘though the Rolleiflex is almost as easy to focus blind

The third wave of expense happened today with the purchase of little things, two filter stepping rings for the Canon lenses so I can use easily available 40.5mm filters and lens hoods, a funnel shaped filter stepping ring to put Leica 39mm filters and screw-in lens hood on the Summitar, and some lens rear caps and body caps. Little things that add up in cost, but make these cameras a serious practical proposition for the current doco work

While I like the odd quality of the Canon lenses, and am looking for two more (19mm and 85mm) I want to use the 1946 Leitz Summitar for its glorious way of moving light, almost as good as a real Voigtlander (real German Voigtlander) lens. Today’s small purchases will make this a realistic proposition

Enlarging lenses

While it is fun and can be rewarding to use early, odd, or even Japanese lenses, it is an utterly, totally, completely and unarguably important fact that only the latest German quality enlarging lenses be used. Whatever the quality of a camera lens, the enlarging lens is the path through which all camera lens quality must pass