Digicamera Minefield Time Again

Minefield time again, I use film cameras because they make sense to me. However, I need a digicamera as well and Rae’s IXUS-70 is on its last legs, but digicameras are all full of silly things I don’t want and will never use

The new digicamera has to work for Rae as well as snapshots to be ignored for me. So, I am looking at the Fuji X10, the Nikon V1 and a Panasonic Lumix something-7, but my personal fave is still the Fuji X100, but it is a lot of money for something I will use with distain

I have been here before and ended up getting a new enlarger instead and there is a very nice DeVere DVF507 enlarger out there . . . This time an Epson V700 perhaps



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