End Old Growth Forest Logging

So, WA Tory Premier Colin Barnett wants to reduce public sector spending in Western Australia?One easy way to do this and save an average of $9,500,000, yes NINE AND A HALF MILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR TAXPAYER SUBSIDY TO KEEP THIS MADNESS GOING. This is the average per year over the last ten years of the current Western Australian Forest Management Plan. (Figures via Forest Legacy WA)

The way to save this financial loss is to stop old growth forest logging in Western Australia. It has stopped you think. No, Labor Premier Geoff Gallop promised to end OGF logging when elected in 2000, but he was a liar who promised to end OGF logging, but just allowed CALM/DEC to change the definition of OGF so the madness could continue

The picture is of Court Forest just outside Pemberton WA. This block has only just been burnt following clearfelling and the remaining biomass, including millions of beautiful arthropods. When all soluble nutrients from the ash bed have been leached into the waterways it will be replanted with a karri Eucalyptus diversicolor monoculture plantation. Although karri is the original dominant native species this re-gen will be will an even aged vulnerable plantation, not a forest. To function a forest has to have intergenerational diversity. Intergenerational diversity gives habitat for a huge range of life, arthropods and fungi included. Even the crumbly stuff from a long dead tree is full of life, but be careful sifting through it in case you meet a 120mm purple centipede with bright orange head and huge mandibles, They hurt!
I am forming a new page, Threnody II, dealing with my new environmental work on my website at http://www.jbaphoto.com.au/ The link will be added when the page is loaded

Digicamera Minefield Time Again

Minefield time again, I use film cameras because they make sense to me. However, I need a digicamera as well and Rae’s IXUS-70 is on its last legs, but digicameras are all full of silly things I don’t want and will never use

The new digicamera has to work for Rae as well as snapshots to be ignored for me. So, I am looking at the Fuji X10, the Nikon V1 and a Panasonic Lumix something-7, but my personal fave is still the Fuji X100, but it is a lot of money for something I will use with distain

I have been here before and ended up getting a new enlarger instead and there is a very nice DeVere DVF507 enlarger out there . . . This time an Epson V700 perhaps