I am having an exhibition of two groups of my fine black and white forest photographs for three weeks at Genesis in the Hills, 124 Croyden Road, Roleystone WA 6111. This exhibition is in support of the Forest Legacy fundraiser to be held at Genesis in the Hills from 6.30 on Saturday evening. For more information on this visit on

I will be at Genesis in the Hills from 3.00pm on Saturday 13th of April to meet friends and talk about the work and deforestation and share a coffee before the evening event. If you wish to attend the evening and support Forest Legacy please do attend

The two groups of pix are of forest protest/activism/rallies and a series of photographs of forest flora

In the flora images I am not showing the more obvious big tree pictures of our marri, karri and jarrah forest, nor the great sweeps of forest devastation, but am showing on the rubbish that is ignored or swept away. Plants like Xanthorrhoea and Zamia, that are “scrub rolled” to make way for clearfelling the “target species”. To anyone with any sensibility these rubbish plants are beautiful and engaging

Fruiting Zamia, Wilmott State Forest, Western Australia

Fruiting Zamia, Wilmott State Forest, Western Australia

The forest protest images are a tiny selection from a record of forest protest and defense actions and locations from the late 1990s and early 2000s. They show some of the means used to slow the destruction of the forest and gain media coverage. This record is broad and unique, there is no comparable documentation of the 1990s forest protest campaigns


The prints are all finely made archival silver gelatine prints in rag board mats

Rae and I look forward to seeing you there


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