An Enviro’ Pic’ a Day, Sunday’s Offering

An Environmental Picture a Day until next Saturday the 1st of December when there will be a forest meeting from 3.00 until 5.00pm, Lecture Theatre, Alexander State Library, 25 Francis St, Perth Western Australia. For more information visit this link

Umbrellas Rally, Perth WA,

Umbrellas Rally, Perth WA, 5th July 1998

These pix are from my work documenting the destruction and defense of the Western Australian Karri Forest Belt during the mid to late 1990s. While I am not intending to re-enter this debate, I now feel digiography is a more appropriate medium, I am about to reload the Forest Protest and Forest Logging pages on my website. These pages will be linked to this series of images as soon as I have reloaded the pages, hopefully this afternoon

Now to pick a pic, as Patrick Weir is now involved in the process of getting pubic attention I will use the Umbrellas Rally pic, made at the back of the Perth Concert Hall, 5th July 1998, a rainy day

This was the first day with a Nikon F outfit given to me by Fred Robinson, then of Balingup WA, for this doco work. The lens used was the standard 50mm f1.4. Most subsequent forest protest work was with the 2.1cm f4 and 35mm f2 Nikkors or a Linhof 5×4″


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