New body of work started

5.00am, and making coffee while I get ready to process the film from the first session of work for the new portfolio of Naked Portraits. Strange light in a shed and three hours to expose 12 sheets of 10×8″ film, couple of sheets of 5×4″ and half a roll of 35mm, plus two test sheets to process before the main batches go through

Slow work, but 10×8″ invites a slow and deliberate approach, also all I expect from the first session is to develop a sense of ease and comfort between the person I am working with and myself and make a couple of good portraits. My best work comes after working with someone for a year or so

I shall not post any of the pix from this portfolio here or on FB until the work is almost ready to exhibit and the catalogue/book ready for the printers. A few of the 35mm snaps recording the process may end up here, but not many


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