IR Days, or Two Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Infra red kit is back together, for this summer’s use of my last block of Kodak HIE High Speed Infra Red 35mm which has been waiting in the freezer for the right time, which is almost here

(More from this series at

When using the deep infra red gelatine filter (not shown in the pic) with Kodak HIE viewing through the Nikon is impossible, so I use an accessory view finder. This has been with another photographer for a few months. When the viewfinder came from Freo the bright line thingie was turned around at a nasty angle

So the second impossible thing before breakfast was to take the VF apart without bits of glass, probably plastic, falling all over the floor, realign the graticule and reassemble. The first impossible thing was to take the bellows out of a Linhof STv and put them back as a practice run before the new ones arrive. “Anything to avoid kitchen work” claims Rae

At the top is a typical IR pic. Sadly with the end of Kodak HIE these images will not longer be possible, this film I mourn as being the ideal foil to my oh-so-texturally-precise 10×8″ and 5×4″ work

(Nikon pic by mobile phone)


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