Fire time

The weather is changing from seascape to portrait, that is until the hammer light of summer puts a stop to everything apart from trying to keep the garden alive and doing fire evacuation drills regarding getting three books, our camping gear, emergency rations, paperwork, negatives, a couple of camera kits and a DeVere enlarger onto the back of our ute

The last time we loaded the car was when there was a fire near Northcliffe and the local dogs knew was real. When we went back to the ute with the next load they were all sat in the back seat of the twin cab in a row looking like “We are here, so drive, NOW!!!” – The plan was to have only Dog Grub sitting on the Linhof kit, but the town dogs thought otherwise. How do I tell Zeke, Ruby and Co that they will have to get out so my 10×8″ camera kits get saved, I suppose we will have to get a trailer for the big stuff

My mind being on other things I did not photography them in the car


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