De JUR D-3

Today I have work to do, clean the darkroom, clean the workroom, make prints, but mainly spread mulch around the onions

Anyway, forget all that, I received a ‘phone call yesterday about a garage sale with lots of cameras in Manjimup, Western Australia. After seeing Rae off on a working trip I arranged to go and see these unknown cameras. A mint Rolei 2.8F with prism finder, a Nikon SP range finder camera with 50mm f1.1 and f1.8 lenses and a good working Alpa Swiss 6c with four lenses plus a few Nikon Fs and a Leica IIIg. Well, that is what I imagined

Reality was slightly different, an Agfa Optima, two broken Practicas, a broken Olympus OM10, a broken Zeiss Contina and a bag of rubbish 35mm P&S 35mm cameras. However, amongst this wreckage was a tin box for $5.oo containing more rubbish, the main part of which was a German DeJUR D3 rangefinder with 50 and 135mm lenses and a Steinhil/Braun turret view finder, all stuck and all covered in fungus
As I have a penchant for procrastination the viewfinder is currently being cleaned, the camera’s rangefinder is about to be re-aligned followed by defungusing the 50mm Isco lens. Together this should wipe out today’s work list

Actually I like the little DeJUR, which comes with a 135mm Enna lens as well as the standard 50mm. I shall get it working, run about 6 test exposures and then wonder why I used all the fuel and money buying it. Somehow I have been here before

   (Pic by mobile ‘phone)


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