New Linhof Bellows Time

Got back from a field trip to Bremer bay and discovered foggy images, so up a 5am to find the problem, which is that the Linhof Super Technika V’s front bellows fold has cracked

I did not use my normal focusing-cloth-over-the-camera trick as there was too much wind coming off the Southern Ocean. This means the crack in the bellows could have been there for ages, as I usually drape the black cloth over the camera during exposure

The base fog was exacerbated by the length of time I was waiting for the right wave level to coincide with a flash of light through the clouds, but not for the JW effect, I just wanted a bit of contrast on the foreground rocks. Pix after I have sorted the squabbles between the new/old computer and my very old Canon D2400U neg’ scanner. On the good side the weather was overcast, so the fog is even without “Watchtower” illustration light beams. This means the fog can be printed through

I briefly considered buying cheap Chinese bellows, but these are slightly translucent, so some of my hard earned fine print sales money to Custom Bellows in England. Chinese bellows are half the price of real ones, but having purchased two of the too hasty designs by Gaoersi I have decided to purchase quality. One Gaoersi example was a “Linhof” fitting recessed lens panel that did not fit in the throat of a Linhof. Added to this is my reluctance to give money to the country that is murderously occupying Tibet and East Turkmenistan (Xinjiang)

I have temporarily repaired the front of the Linhof bellows with gaffer’s tape, like on my 10×8″ Sinar Norma, which has a new set of bellows sitting in the workroom, but the gaffer’s tape repair is holding good on the old ones, well, with a focusing cloth draped over the camera during exposure it is.


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