35mm Cameras

I am now well over the Leica myth, it is a myth, and am back to my old Nikons, mainly Nikon Fs

As a photographer documenting fine arts and performance I mainly used Nikon F2s and for personal and rougher work I used my Fs. During the 1990s Western Australian Forest Campaign I used only Fs with 2.1cm and 35mm Nikkors (Yes, the legendary 2.1cm Nikkor that sits inside the F body

I like the early Nikon’s solidity, their sharp corners and their rugged feel, without the delicacy and finesse of the Leica. Leica photographers generally claim their optics are superior, but with 400 asa hand held any better lens quality becomes irrelevant. Nikons just get on with the job of being good cameras without the costume jewelery bling of the Leica

I only had one Nikon F break down and that was during the forest campaign. A protester, whom I shall call Geoff Nixon, was sleeping in the open at the edge of Boorara Forest near Northcliffe in Western Australia.  He was wearing very loose shorts with his jewels glinting in the sunlight.  Another protester, whom I shall call Peta Sargison, picked up one of my Nikons and took a quick snap of Geoff and his jewels. Later that afternoon I went back to work, but the camera had stopped working. That camera has never made another exposure.  It has been dismantled three times and re-assembled twice, it is still in bits.  Nothing is broken, nothing is distorted and nothing is excessively worn, but that camera will not go back together and work. I don’t believe in magic, but . . .

Following are three sample pix. Currently the Forest Protest page of my website at http://www.jbaphoto.com.au/ is held in archive, but will be re-posted on my personal site when my new landscape site is up and running (I have my URL on my public profile, but don’t yet know how to get this to load)

The pix show the Umbrellas Rally in Perth and two pix from the Wattle Campaign, both 1998


Now the machinery:



One thought on “35mm Cameras

  1. Hi John, Nandi here, how’s things. I was just taking a look at your forest gallery, Great pics. Do you have any of Giblett block?



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