Friday, Almost There

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Friday, a day of loss in the Christian Calendar, I am not a Christian, but will put in a pic of Boorara State Forest

The wanton destruction of Boorara State Forest is one of the great tragedies of recent Western Australian stupidity

Another is the destruction of rock engravings on the Burrup Peninsula, but see “Stand Up for the Burrup” campaign,¬† URL later, but it is easy enough to find. Perhaps next month insert my Pilbara Rock Engraving images

Boorara Forest pic with Linhof 5×4″ STv and Voigtlander Apo-Lanthar Lens – Burrup pic with an old old old Zeiss Contaflex


Thursday, There Soon

Today’s pic’ enticing you to Saturday’s Alexander library Forest Legacy meeting is another from Wattle SF, see yesterday’s post, and is of a bipod, part of a pentapod. The Wattle campaigners were very inventive in the ways traditional designs to delay or stop forestry work were modified

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Yes, Nikon F with 2.1cm Nikkor again

Wednesday’s Forest Enviropic

Today is back to the forest protest pix, and Penny’s Dragon in Wattle State Forest. Wattle State Forest was about 32Km SE of Quinninup and the focus of some of the most intense forest struggles. This ended with an assault by a militia of Manjimup loggers and morons, the terms are interchangeable, who attacked and destroyed the Boodanoo Road base camp

Jess Beckerling, the organiser of Saturday’s Alexander library event is in the lower right of this pic

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This, like almost all of the protest pix, was made with a Nikon F with 2.1cm Nikkor symmetrical wide angle lens

Tuesday’s Forest Protest Photograph

Continuing my series of images linked to FB to promote the next Perth forest event visit this link

Quokka, May 2002, copyright John Austin

Quokka, May 2002, copyright John Austin

To most people the Quokka is associated with Rottnest Island, which is inhabited by a colony of degenerate sycophant quokkas. Western Australian Mainland quokkas are real quokkas and were once common in the Southern Forest and along the south to Albany, but now only exist in a few isolated pockets. In a literate society the quokka would have the same status as Kenneth Graham’s Water Rat or Wu Chen Eng’s Monkey, but this is Australia

Quokka infant

Infant quokka, Setonix brachyurus

The infant was in the pouch of a dead Quokka, I took it, still inside the mother’s body for warmth, to Western Australian Dept for Environment and Conservation (DEC) Manjimup. The quokka infant was carefully removed and placed in the care of a registered native animal carer in Northcliffe

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Monday’s Forest Photograph

Today’s pic is from The Lane State Forest Protest in Northcliffe, Western Australia, which continues my series of images linked to FB to promote the next Perth forest event visit this link

Forest Watch flag at Lane State Forest, Western Australia, July 1998. Lane was the first forest block to be defended following the “Umbrellas Rally”

Lane was the first forest block to be defended following the “Umbrellas Rally”, see Sunday’s post

The image was made with Kodak High Speed Infra Red film, the passing of this emulsion is something I regret. I have one block of this left in the freezer which I plan to use for a series of 35mm IR images which will be a kind of foil the the 10×8″ work planned for the next few years. Another IR image is planned for use on Friday, the view of the circle around the platform tree, also in Lane SF

Yesterday’s Environmental Picture

Yes, I got it the wrong way around and put it on FB first. So now the right way round, but backwards

As there is a public meeting at the Alexander Library from 3.00pm next Saturday the 1st of December I am releasing a number of older environmental pix, firstly this pic’ of Peta Sargison and Debbi Ludlam on the MegaStump in Gardner state forest, January 1999, image copyright John Austin


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